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An Expert System for Disorder Diagnosis in Sugarcane Crop


Integrated Management of Major Sugarcane Diseases
(Ratoon Crop)

Stage Disease Management
Ratoon initiation Red rot, smut, wilt, leaf scald, ratoon stunting etc.
  1. Crop debris should be burnt after harvest.  Weeds around the field should be destroyed.
  2. Irrigate the field if preceding crop was affected with smut (soil with moisture stress promotes smut incidence).
  3. Dried or chlorotic clumps should be uprooted.  Smut whips should be cut and burnt.
  4. GSD affected shoot should be uprooted and discarded.  Spray Dimecron (0.02%) 2-3 times at 15 days interval.
July-September Red rot, GSD, leaf scald
  1. Keep keen watch on red rot affected canes.  As and when yellowing or drying of top leaves is seen, confirm red rot by splitting. Such affected stools should be uprooted and burnt.  Bunding should be done around the field to check flow of water to other fields.  Regular attention should be given on drying of canes.
  2. On border of field, GSD affected plants should be looked for.  If GSD affected plants are frequent, Dimecron (0.02%) may be sprayed 2-3 times at 15 days interval.
  3. Uproot leaf scald affected canes and discard.
Rust As and when rust pustules start appearing on leaves, spray Dithane M-45 or Dithane Z-78 (0.25%) at 15 days intervals 3-4 times.
Yellow spot, eye spot Removal and burning of affected leaves.  Spray copper oxychloride (0.2%) 3-4 times at 15 days interval.
October to harvesting All diseases
  1. Removal and destruction of smut affected tillers.
  2. Early harvesting of crop if disease incidence is high.
After harvesting All diseases
  1. Discontinue ratooning if red rot, wilt or smut incidence in high.
  2. Crop rotation should be followed with suitable crop. Use certified seed of sugarcane after rotation.

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