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An Expert System for Disorder Diagnosis in Sugarcane Crop


Integrated Management of Major Sugarcane Diseases
(Plant Crop)

Stage Disease Management
Seed crop Seed transmitted diseases (red rot, smut wilt, grassy shoot, leaf scald, ratoon stunting) Seed should not be taken from disease affected crop.  Use certified seed and variety recommended for the region
Selection of seed Red rot, wilt, etc. Discard setts with dry/desiccated eyes.
Sett treatment Red rot, smut Dipping of setts in Carbendazim (0.2%) acidulated with acetic acid (0.2%) for 30 min before planting.
Nucleus seed treatment (for seed production only) Seed transmitted diseases Moist hot air treatment (At 540C & 95-99% R.H. for 2.5 hours).  This treatment is meant for seed production only.
At planting Red rot and other soil-borne pathogens/diseases
  1. Removal of crop debris during field preparaton.
  2. Application of Trichoderma culture (effective in biocontrol of red rot) in furrows @ 20 kg/ha (or rate recommended).
  3. Intercropping with mustard or coriander in autumn planted cane is beneficial.
April to June Smut, red rot, grassy shoot
  1. Application of Trichoderma culture near root zone of settlings @ 20 kg/ha (or recommended dose).
  2. Smut incidence increases when soil is either too moist or too dry.  Smut whips should be removed and burnt.
  3. In red rot prone areas, minimum irrigation should be given before the onset of monsoon.  Red rot affected plants should be eradicated and burnt.  Grassy shoot affected plants should also be eradicated and burnt.  If GSD incidence is high, spray Dimecron (0.02%) 2-3 times at 15 days interval.
July to September Red rot, grassy shoot, leaf scald
  1. Keep keen watch on red rot affected clumps.  On drying or yellowing of top leaves, the affected clump should be uprooted after confirming the disease.  The bunding should be done around the field to check flow of water to other fields.  Regular attention should be given on drying of canes.
  2. On border of field, GSD affected plants should be looked for.  If GSD affected plants are frequent, Dimecron (0.02%) may be sprayed 2-3 times at 15 days interval.
  3. Uproot leaf scald affected canes (leaves with white stripes and sprouting of all the buds in cane stalk).
Rust As and when rust pustules start appearing on leaves, spray Dithane M-45 or Dithane Z-78 (0.25%) at 15 days intervals 3-4 times.
Yellow spot, eye spot Removal and burning of affected leaves.  Spray copper oxy chloride (0.2%) 3-4 times at 15 days interval.
October to harvesting Smut, wilt Smut affected late shoots should be cut and destroyed Wilt affected canes should be cut and burnt.
At harvesting and thereafter Smut, wilt etc. Canes should be harvested flush with the ground.  If possible, stubble shaver machine may be used.  Crop debris should be burnt when disease incidence is more than 15-20%.

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