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An Expert System for Disorder Diagnosis in Sugarcane Crop


Division of Plant Physiology Biochemistry

The Division of Plant Physiology & Biochemistry owes its inception as a Physiology section which started functioning in September 1958. Several research activities are in progress especially on tillering, improving and advancement of germination, moisture stress, chemical ripening of sugarcane, development of bud chips as an alternate seed material, enhancing sucrose content targeting sucrose metabolizing enzymes, bio-ethanol production and management of post-harvest losses with recent inclusion of bio technological aspects related to metabolic engineering including gene expression/transcription analysis and source-sink dynamics.


  • Improving physiological efficiency, and sucrose content by addressing source-sink signaling dynamics
  • To minimize post-harvest losses for improving sugar recovery.

Thrust Areas

  • Improving sprouting of stubble buds and productivity of winter - initiated ratoons

  • Improving physiological efficiency of sugarcane

  • Bud chip - a promising sugarcane seed material

  • Advancement of cane maturity

  • Study the sucrose metabolism and source-sink dynamics at physio-biochemical and molecular levels to improve sucrose content

  • Physio-biochemical attributes associated with moisture stress with special reference to transcriptomics and proteomics study

  • Improving ratoon cane productivity by source-sink manipulation in subtropical parts of India

  • Management of pre and post harvest sucrose losses for improving sugar recovery

  • Quantification and qualitative analysis of sugarcane rhizodeposits

  • Developing technologies for cellulosic ethanol

Head of Division : Dr Amresh Chandra


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