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An Expert System for Disorder Diagnosis in Sugarcane Crop


Division of the Agricultural Engineering

Division of the Agricultural Engineering was born in 1952 with a couple of engineers and technicians. A workshop was established with prerequisite to undertake fabrication and machining work. It was assigned the prime duty of evolving tools and equipments to increase labour/energy-input use efficiency. It has now grown up. Activities of the division were also diversified as listed below.

  • R & D work in the field of
    1. farm machinery and power
    2. soil and water conservation
    3. instrumentation and electronics
  • AICRP on Farm Implements and Machinery
  • Maintenance work related to
    1. electrical, refrigeration, air conditioning, instrument
    2. tube wells and irrigation water distribution
    3. civil work
    4. vehicles, tractors and farm equipments


  • To develop a sugarcane harvester.

Thrust Areas

  • Optimisation and multi facet use of planter
  • Identification, design and development of cane harvester
  • Irrigation water management
  • Application of controls and instrumentation in increasing machinery output

Head of Division : Dr P R Singh


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