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        - Union Minister of Agriculture, Food Processing and Cooperatives visited IISR                - Meet on Jaggery, AICRP Workshop and Jaggery Carnival held at the institute               - IISR Celebrates World Food Day               - Training on INM started               - Sugarcane Mechanisation Day               - IISR on Swatchh Bharat Mission               - IISR signed MoU with Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow               - इक्षु पत्रिका और संस्थान के वैज्ञानिक राष्ट्रीय पुरस्कार से सम्मानित               - ICAR Regional Committee Meeting for Zone-IV held               - Dr Balyan, Union Minister of Agriculture and Food Processing Industries visited institute               - Hands on Soil Analysis Training for Sugar Mill Personnel held               - Dr. S. Ayyappan, DG, ICAR inaugurated CaneDES Expert System and Bio-control Lab               - IISR conducted first online examination               - IISR signed MOU with Bihar Government               - Field training on Quality Jaggery Making at Datia               - International Conclave on Sugar Crops and National SugarFest-2014 organised                - Institute celebrated Silver Jubilee of Motipur Centre               - Dr. S. Solomon, Director, IISR, Lucknow received Award from the President of India               - IISR organised National Conference on Women in Sugarcane Agriculture and Industry               - Scientific Delegation led by DG, BSRI, Bangladesh on visit to IISR               - Hon’ble Minister Mr. Lakshman Senewiratne, Ministry of Sugar Industry Development, Sri Lanka visited IISR               - IISR-Industry Interface on Sugarbeet organized at Mukteswar               - Dr. S. Ayyappan, DG, ICAR and Secretary, DARE visited institute               - Prof. M. S. Swaminathan, MP (Rajya Sabha) and Ex-DG (ICAR) visited institute               - ICAR Sports Meet-2013 inaugurated               - IISR Diamond Jubilee Celebrations & National SugarFest - 2013               - IISR Organized training on Sugarcane Production and Management in Bihar               - Conclave and Kisan-Vigyan Sangam-2012 for UP organised              


Union Minister of Agriculture, Food Processing and Cooperatives visited IISR

Honorable Shri Radha Mohan Singh Ji, Union Minister of Agriculture and Food Processing Industries, Government of India visited Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow on November 09, 2014. During his visit, hon’ble minister reviewed the on-going researches and critically observed sugarcane technology in the demonstration plot of IISR. Dr. S. Solomon, Director, IISR presented a brief account of report on IISR technology and efforts being applied by the Institute for well-being of sugarcane farmers and sugar industry.

Hon’ble Minister also addressed Joint gathering of Scientists, staff, academicians and administrative personnel from IISR, NBFGR, CISH, CSSRI RS, IIPR, KVKs and CSA, Kanpur. Dr. J.K. Jena, Director, NBFGR, Dr. N.P. Singh, Director, IIPR, Dr. Munna Singh, VC, CSA, Kanpur, Dr. V.K. Misra, CSSRI RS and Dr. A.K. Misra, CISH presented Report of their respective institutions to the Hon’ble Minister. Honourable Minister appealed all to disseminate technology to farmers without much time log and he suggested adopting villages nearby institutions. At the occasion a press briefing session was also organised in which about 15 reporters from electronic and print media participated.

Hon’ble Minister stressed on strengthening infrastructure in each and every KVKs of the State and he advised that each KVK should have one tractor, one jeep, two motorcycles and 6 Scientists and Government is ready to extend all help in this regard. He urged scientist to intensify work in villages for demonstrating worth of technology to the farmers. Each Scientist should go village on certain interval in true spirit of lab to land. The country economic growth much depends upon the agricultural growth. Gujarat is developed state because Agriculture growth in the state during last few years recorded is about 11-12% whereas the average national agriculture growth is about 4% only.